Ghosts of Oz Interview and feature

Amanda from Ghosts of Oz was lucky enough to have a quick chat with author Josh Langley to learn a little about him and hear about his new book “Turning Inside Out”. Grab yourself a cuppa and have a read about one of Australia’s premiere paranormal authors.


Albany School Visit and Booking Signing

From sitting in a tiny office starting at a computer screen to talking to school kids about self esteem and attending book signings all in under 9 months just sums up the power of trust and letting and letting your passions lead you.
Now I found myself spending two days in the beautiful South Coastal town of Albany in WA.

 The Friday was spent talking to the kids at Yakamia Primary School and showing them the Being You is Enough Presentation. Tanya Sandilands (the schools Librarian) was fantastic and took lots of group photos and made sure I was looked after. I’ve delivered the talk to over 16 schools and over 2,000 kids so far and I never cease to be amazed by the diversity and creativity of young people.   

On the Saturday morning I had a great interview with Donna Dabala  from the ABC Great Southern. One of the best I’ve had. She asked great questions and segued between Turning inside Out and Being You is Enough really well. I know I look a little startled in the photo, but I was momentarily confused!

Then it was book signing time at Dymocks Albany on York Street. I loved the way people were brave enough to come up and ask advice on writing and even how to start to get the thoughts out of their head. If I can just help one person, then my work is done.


Deborah, the owner of Dymocks Albany (who also used to be a teacher at the Yakamia Primary School) has amazing energy  and gave the event a fantastic vibe.


Til next time!

Dymocks Albany Books Signing

Turning Inside Out official launch

Book launches are always terrifying things to hold as you never know how many people will turn up, (if anyone turns up at all) meaning you don’t know many bottles of champagne to order or how may chairs to put out. You really have to fly by the seat of your pants and trust the universe.  

However everything went really well last Saturday at Footprints Resort Preston Beach for the launch of Turning Inside Out. 30 odd people came to pick up a signed copy and hear me give an over view of the book and how my simple life has been turned inside out over the last 16 months or so.

However more than ever, I loved meeting so many people especially some Facebook friends and giving everyone a hug!
Big thanks to everyone involved, including Bruce and the team at Footprints Resort, Andy, Kali and Big Sky Publishing.
Photos Courtesy of Photographer Kali Langley.



Sensing Freedom

Just for a mere moment I got a slight sense of what it might to be like to truly free. Free from my irrational thoughts, anxieties, worries, fears and social conditioning.

It was fleeting.
But I sensed it and then it drifted away.

Wandered off to look at the flowers.
It was a sense of what it would be like to be free from the identity of my thoughts.
My limiting thoughts.

And within that freedom was the potential to be anything.
It was all about thoughts and feeling the same pattern of thoughts. If our input is the same, then our thoughts can only be based on that input. Change the input and we can explore new thinking, new ideas and new thoughts.
However can we be brave enough to do to that?
To risk losing our identity in our old conditioned pattern of thinking?
Who would I be if stopped talking myself down?
Who would I be if I believed I could live out my dreams?
Can I be brave?

Can you be brave?

Turning Inside Out Book Launch

It’s hottest ticket in town (But you don’t need a ticket as it’s free)
The Turning Inside Out Book Launch – August 13 @ 1.30 at Footprints Resort Preston Beach.
Come along and grab a signed copy of Turning Inside Out: What if everything we’ve been taught about life iswrong? Plus I’ll also have copies of Dying to Know and Being You is Enough available to purchase.
Plus Psychic medium Tammie Movliatti will be beamed in via skype to do a few readings. (Tammie and I ran some experiments for the book)
And you get to enjoy free Champagne (til it runs out, so be early!)

Book a table for lunch in the Bistro before hand or stay and make a night of it and get an awesome deal on a ‘Beach Shack’ apartment for only $150 a night (huge discount!) and that includes a free bottle of champagne. Just mention the book launch to get the offer.
Book at Footprints Resort Preston Beach

Phone: (08) 97391 111