Have you jumped before?

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Its fast coming up to 1 year since I left the safety of fulltime employment with nothing to go to except a vague hope of doing something fulfilling. I call these moments ‘Jumping Off Points’ or JOPs for short. I’ll write more about what the last 12 months have brought myself and Andy a bit later.  

If you’ve read my mini biography Turning Inside Out: What If everything we've been taught about life is wrong you’ll know that I’ve done it before.  16 years ago I left my radio copywriting job to start my own business from the back room of a friend’s house. I only had a $500 to my name, so I spent it on a computer which didn’t even have a monitor so I had to quickly borrow one. ($500 didn’t get you much of a computer in those days) My learning curve was steep and I had to climb it. There was no other choice.  
And when I look back there were lots of other JOPs in my life, but at the time they went unheralded, they were just things I had to do to change my life at the time or pull myself out of a rut.
JOPs are when we have to leave our existing comfort zone for something unfamiliar, yet whatever it is it promises to be

The day I met the kid with the grotty jumper.

For 20 years I’ve worked in radio advertising were the only people I interacted with were mainly white Anglo Saxon men who owned businesses. Even the rest of the staff at the radio station were usually white and could quite easily put food on the table. 

Working in radio had shielded me from the real world.
And now a little aboriginal kid had shown me what the other side of life can be like.  
He was about 9 years old, with a mop of tangled hair and a jumper that I soon realised may not have been washed in weeks, if not months. The kid looked poor and may also have been one of those kids whose only food for that day had come from the Food Bank that delivered fruit to the school each morning.
But this kid didn’t act poor.

Geraldton Book Signing

I went to Geraldton Senior High School back in 1988 and 1989 and it was a pretty crazy to return 26 odd years later for a book signing at the only book store left in town, Read A lot Books.
Old friends came out of the woodwork and it was wonderful to reconnect and see what they'd been up to. One lady (who I didn't know), had read about my visit in the local paper and bravely came up and asked about Dying to Know and Turning Inside Out and said that her husband had died recently and wanted to find out more about the afterlife. She had missed him deeply and only wanted to know if they would be reunited in the world beyond this one. I saw tears well up in her eyes and I put my hand on hers and said, 'I think so'.


How to Get Published. The Basics

(Estimated reading time, 2 glasses of wine)

So you've written a book or want to write a book and have no frigging idea of what to do next. Well hopefully over the next couple of glasses of wine I'll help fill in some gaps and give you the motivation and knowledge to take your work out and show it to the world. Disclaimer first: This information is based on my own experience of getting published along with reading countless other blog posts, websites and books by other authors, publishers and agents. So I’ve done all the boring research for you. However this is no way a definitive guide but it can get you started and demystify the publishing process.  
So pour a glass of wine and read on.
It’s all about the money
Keep in mind that publishing is a business designed to make money. Agents and publishers don’t just publish books to make people feel good, they want to know if your book will sell and make money. It’s that simple. Always keep that in the back of your mind when going through this process.
How the publishing industry works – the basic version

·         A publishing house will work with you to get your book finished and to print.

·         They work closely with a distribution company to work on the ‘sales’ angle for your book and then the distributor ‘sells’ the book to bookshops and retail outlets.

Frog and the Well Wall Art and Prints now available.

From a simple request by my sister in law to help decorate her home before it went on the market, I've now had lots of people ask if they could buy their own prints.

The answer is YES!

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Ghosts of Oz Interview and feature

Amanda from Ghosts of Oz was lucky enough to have a quick chat with author Josh Langley to learn a little about him and hear about his new book “Turning Inside Out”. Grab yourself a cuppa and have a read about one of Australia’s premiere paranormal authors.


Albany School Visit and Booking Signing

From sitting in a tiny office starting at a computer screen to talking to school kids about self esteem and attending book signings all in under 9 months just sums up the power of trust and letting and letting your passions lead you.
Now I found myself spending two days in the beautiful South Coastal town of Albany in WA.

 The Friday was spent talking to the kids at Yakamia Primary School and showing them the Being You is Enough Presentation. Tanya Sandilands (the schools Librarian) was fantastic and took lots of group photos and made sure I was looked after. I’ve delivered the talk to over 16 schools and over 2,000 kids so far and I never cease to be amazed by the diversity and creativity of young people.   

On the Saturday morning I had a great interview with Donna Dabala  from the ABC Great Southern. One of the best I’ve had. She asked great questions and segued between Turning inside Out and Being You is Enough really well. I know I look a little startled in the photo, but I was momentarily confused!

Then it was book signing time at Dymocks Albany on York Street. I loved the way people were brave enough to come up and ask advice on writing and even how to start to get the thoughts out of their head. If I can just help one person, then my work is done.